One down, two to go – we’re getting through these byes, community. However, having one down means we have six teams full of players who are bye-fr...View Details

It’s not just above Princess Park dark stormclouds are gathering this week, they’ve also arrived to the world of fantasy football in the ominous f...View Details

The byes are coming, THE BYES ARE COMING! Batten down the hatches because we’ve only got one more week of a full roster of players to select from be...View Details

To paraphrase Patch “Noah Batla is the single greatest Supercoach selection to have ever lived. He’s the greatest Supercoacher to have ever Superc...View Details

HE’S DONE IT. He’s bloody DONE it, community – Noah Batla is the single greatest Supercoach selection to have ever lived. If you’ve got him, t...View Details

Some of us have been doing it for a few weeks, but Patch has declared it: it’s Open Season on rookies, and time to begin culling like mad and upgrad...View Details

Lekdog promised we wouldn’t talk about Daniel Rich this week. He lied. Damo joined us and he also talked about Daniel Rich. I’m at my wit’s end,...View Details

THEY’RE BACK! Just when you thought they were gone, down and out, our rookies are BACK, BABY! Well, some of them were never here, in the case of Mic...View Details

PODCAST | Game of Holding

I tried. I tried really hard to make a Game of Thrones inspired podcast episode name, but like everything I do in life, I failed. It’s not great. So...View Details

Well, we know it’s early days but by gum do we have a frontrunner for the number one Supercoach selection of 2019. Damo – taking charge of the pod...View Details

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