This is it. It's grand final week, where 12 months of hard work, 12 months of blood, sweat and tears all pays off. This is where you claim victory and...View Details

Lekdog & Patch cover off on all things Supercoach from Round 21 and take a look ahead to 2020. Reflecting on Jarryd Roughead's career (00:00-04:12...View Details

Episode names are hard. Really hard. What's even harder? Splitting Treloar, Macrae and Bontempelli, which is what the three amigos of Lek, Patch and F...View Details

With Lek held up by potentially nefarious Agents of Adelaide, Patch and Damo enlist the great Fozdaddy, Matty Forrest, to come onto the podcast and ta...View Details

Lekdog, Patch and Damo are all winners this week as Freo, Carlton and Essendon all come home with the four points in some kind of miracle. While Kev a...View Details

Patch and Lekdog are back for another week, with a very, very special guest. Alex, the coach of Froff, the number one team in Supercoach right now, an...View Details

The great Fozdaddy is BACK this week as Lek and Patch scrape the absolute bottom of the barrel to help out those cash and trade-strapped Supercoachers...View Details

HOW GOOD IS WINNING? This week Lekdog and Patch channel their inner ScoMo and ask How Good Things Are. How good are last-minute goals to win games of ...View Details

Patch brought in Lance Franklin to save his season last week…Patch has had to go on a little holiday as a result. While he finds himself it’s up t...View Details

We survived the horrific, awful, no good, very bad bye round. We did it. We might not have scored many point during it, but it was a thing we did and ...View Details

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