2020 has been a tough year on all of us. The Supercoach action has been intense and unpredictable. Join Jock, Higgo and Crouching One for a 15 minute ...View Details

Great community member General Soreness heads into the final Supercoach round for 2020 as the number one ranked team. Some old friends drop by to wish...View Details

Lek and Patch skim the eyes over the second last Supercoach round of 2020.  They go through some PODs, same bargain basement options and a few sneaky ...View Details

Lekdog opens his mouth for 20 minutes and words come out. Take advice with caution!

Grab a JR t-shirt in your team colours here: https://tinyurl.com/...View Details

Lekdog is joined by Fozdaddy to talk about his impressive rank and pending moves ahead of Round 15.

Grab a JR t-shirt in your team colours here: ht...View Details

Lekdog & Patch are joined by the 4th ranked Supercoach, General Soreness.   10/10 - "This podcast is why I'm top-4 baby!" - General Soreness, prob...View Details

The Festival of Fantasy is over but it didn't go without claiming some victims...   The lads look at who can replace Sicily, Gawn and more in your Sup...View Details

Patch and Clarky take a minute to try and unpack the never-ending Festival of Fantasy which has consumed our lives.  We look over whether you should t...View Details

Lekdog dishes out his thoughts on Round 11 just before lockout!   10/10 - "It was an emergency sir" - Tobias   Website: https://www.jockreynolds.com.a...View Details

Patch and Lek get real for a bit to talk about looking after yourself in these - dare we say it - trying times. It's a rough old world, make sure you'...View Details

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